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Moving water away from your home is important. If water collects around your home it can result in flooding, damage to the foundation and mold—all of which are costly to fix. Having properly installed eavestroughs, soffits and fascia are all part of a system that help prevent this from happening.

Fascia is the finishing edge that protects the wooden roof boards from water damage and provides a place of attachment for eavestroughs. Eavestroughs collect and carry away the water that washes off of your roof. Soffits are the underside of the overhang of your roof. They aid in the ventilation of your attic.

All these parts are prone to be damaged, especially over the winter, and need to be repaired in order to keep your home free of mold and other water-related damage. We are happy to repair and install eavestroughs, soffits and fascia. We only use great products (like GutterClean® and Trex® gutters) and have our highly skilled workmen install them correctly for the best durability and longevity. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.