3 key things to look for while inspecting your roof indoors

Make sure you know a problem when you see one

While it may seem obvious to inspect your roof from the outside, it’s also important to look from the inside as well. There could be warning signs in your attic. Here’s how to spot them:

1. Leaks

Look for signs of leaks. Dark stains on the rafters or the underside of the roof decking material generally indicate water trails. Look for water signs around plumbing vent pipes and along chimneys, skylights and valleys. If you find dark spots see if they are still wet or are old. Push a sharp screwdriver into the wood. If it is soft it is a sign of rot. If the wood is stained but still dry and firm during your rainy season it way be an old leak that has been repaired.

2. Light

Look up through the roof for any pinpoints of light. If you find one run a thin length of wire up through it so you can find it on the roof. Do not widen the hole.

3. Sagging

Look for sagging sheating between rafters. This is one sign of an old roof in need of repair. Sagging or cracked rafters will require repair or replacement as part of a new roof installation.

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