7 questions to ask before hiring a contractor

What you should ask before picking who to install your new roof

When picking a contractor to do work on your home you expect them to take the utmost care and do the job right. To avoid turning your home into a renovation nightmare make sure to ask these 11 questions before deciding who to hire:

1. Do they have experienced and qualified people?

Make sure the people you hire aren’t going to use your home as a guinea pig. To avoid big problems you want to ensure that the people you hire have the knowledge and experience behind them to do the job right, or else you might have to spend more money down the line to have the work re-done. It’s better to invest in a knowledgeable contractor to have the work done right the first time.

2. Do they have references?

A great way to tell if a contractor has a good work history is from their references. If they don’t have happy customers they likely won’t have great references. A lack of references or positive ones might be a tip-off that you should consider hiring someone else. If there are less than three, or not a full breath of contact information is provided (name, address and phone number), that could be a warning sign.

3. How and what will they be inspecting on your home?

When hiring a contractor to do work on your roof they should do a thorough inspection including chimneys, plumbers’ stacks, valleys, intersecting roof planes and other roof penetrations. They should also evaluate existing ventilation as well as ensure that ventilation levels meet the shingle manufacturer’s recommendations and that the roof has a proper deck. Know if they will actually be getting on your roof or not.

4. What quality of products do they offer?

You want to make sure that the contractor you hire only uses quality brand products while doing work on your home. If they don’t you might have to go thought the hassle and expense of having new roofing installed sooner than you originally thought.

5. Will they be following the manufacturer’s recommendations?

If the contractor you hire installs the products poorly the lifetime of the investment you make can also be shortened. Make sure the contractor you hire will be following the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that you get the longest lifetime possible out of your roof.

6. Will they explain the manufacturer’s and installer’s warranty?

Making sure that both you and the contractor are on the same page when it comes to the product and installation warranties involved in the work being done on your home is essential. The contractor should be able to clearly explain and provide documentation of both the manufacturer’s warranty (including the years of coverage and full transferability) and the installer’s warranty.

7. Will they clean up the job site as well as possible once the job is completed?

It is nice to have contractors who try to clean up after themselves. If you find a contractor who will pick up nails, clean flowerbeds as well as sweep walkways and driveways as best they can once the project is finished you know you’ve found a contractor who really cares.

An easy way to know that the contractor you choose will do all these things well is by hiring Precision. Our highly experienced and reliable team is more than happy to inspect and install your roofing, windows, doors, eavestroughs, soffits, fascia, and siding. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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